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How To Vie Via by Zeki

Planning your stay in Leeuwarden? At hotel Vie Via, you can check in and out of your room using your own phone, it's super easy! Let Zeki, your host, introduce you to hotel Vie Via and show you how it's done.

Check-in & check-out

Where is the Front Desk?

You can search for it all you want, but you won't find one. We are not the average hotel with a Front Desk to check-in and check-out. It's all digital!

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Your room will be ready at 15:00. You can stay in your room until 11:00.

How do check-in & check-out?

We are not the average hotel with a Front Desk to check in and out. You will receive an e-mail when your room is ready with your digital key to enter the building and your room. No keycard to access your room, just your mobile phone. So it is important that you use your personal e-mail address which you can open on your mobile phone. You have access from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 11:00 on the day of departure. 

Good to know

What if I arrive early?

We understand that you want to make the most out of the day and arrive early. Good to know; once your room is ready, 15:00 at latest, you will receive an e-mail with your digital key to enter the building and your room. If you arrive early, just ring the doorbell and our host can let you in and you can relax in the living room or explore Leeuwarden. 

Where to relax after a day of exploring?

In our epic Living Room! When you’re back from your adventures, all you want is to take a break and relax. The living room is there to share your stories and adventures. Grab a cold drink from our in house shop, and sit back. 

Need help?

Our Vie Via host is ready to rumble from 7:00 until 23:00 in the living room. He's like a concierge, but not as you know it. He can find you all the hidden gems, hottest parties and best places to go to, but you can also ask him to change a lightbulb or make you a coffee in the morning in the shop. 

Where to park?

We are surrounded by several public parking garages. Parking garage Zaailand is 24/7 open. Daily rates around € 15.

House Rules

Yes, we do have some rules. Please check this document

I need multiple rooms

Make every reservation seperately so that every individual will receive the digital key in their own mailbox. If you need more that 10 rooms, feel free to contact us at hello@hotelvievia.nl. 


Want to have some breakfast?

Fresh croissants, farmer's yoghurt and coffee to go every morning. Just from our own shop. Or just go out and have breakfast somewhere else, we know the best spots

Where to lunch?

Don’t stay, please go out and enjoy! We know all the hotspots of the city.  

Midnight cravings?

No worries! Our shop is open 24/7 to fulfill your midnight cravings. From healthy nibbles to wine in a can, we’ve got it!. Just grab a bite, scan it and enjoy.

Contact us

How to reach us?

Give us a call on +31582037133 or send an email to hello@hotelvievia.nl 

Our business facts

Vie Via - Hotel Post Plaza B.V.
KvK 01075046 te Leeuwarden
BTW NL8050.54.686.B.07

Wanna share something?

We would love to hear the positive experiences of your stay with us but if you have a point of improvement, a complaint or a tip, please be sure to pass it on to us as well. You can call us at +31582037133 or email us at hello@hotelvievia.nl and we will try to respond within 24 hours.