Our house, our rules! 

Just so you know, there are some rules here. Our house rules are as essential as that morning cup of coffee (and we take coffee very seriously). So, why the rules you ask? Well, we like to think of them as the threads holding together the blend of an unforgettable stay with a touch of common sense. 

Let's go over some main rules together, shall we? 

House rule #1 Elevators are not time machines- Pressing the same floor repeatedly won't transport you to a different era. We're all for adventure, but let's keep it within the check-in and check-out dates.

House rule #2 Please refrain from challenging our host to dance-offs for room upgrades- Smooth moves won't secure you a bigger room, a friendly smile might.


House rule #3 Lost socks will be given a new purpose as theater puppets- If your sock has gone missing, fear not- it might be pursuing it's true calling on stage. 

House rule #4 No pets allowed- Except imaginary or invisible ones. 

Are you curious what our other rules might be? 

Here you can find our houserules