Just a room says it all


We offer you a great room with a wonderful bed, a great rain shower and the best location in town to start your adventure. In addition to these basic needs, we also offer you the following facilities.

Just a Shop

Fresh croissants, farmer's yoghurt and coffee to go every morning. You can buy it in our own shop. The yoghurtbar is open from 7-11 AM.

And of course there are snacks and beverages available 24/7 to satisfy your cravings. From healthy nibbles to wine in a can, we got it!

Living room

Start your day with a coffee and a bowl of yoghurt in our living room. Read the news on your phone before you rush to your appointment in the city 

Meet in the living room after a day of shopping or before going to that bucketlist festival. Just meet, explore and live. Simply blend in!


In the living room and in the in-house shop you will find our Vie Via host.
Our host can tell you about the hidden gems of Leeuwarden, help you with questions or to share your experiences.


Looking for a unique spot to plan a night away with all your colleagues, friends or family? Look no further! Vie Via is the perfect place.
You can book Vie Via privately from 60 rooms. Send us an e-mail if you want more info! 

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Lockers & Bikes

Not ready to leave Leeuwarden yet after your check out time? Lock-up that stuff. Why hurry and rush back to your daily live? Just stay and enjoy your Leeuwarden City life a bit longer. Lock-up your stuff in your private locker in the cellar of hotel Via Via. Follow the signs from the living room.

We have a basement where you can park your bike for the night. There's also a charging point for your electric bike.


Free Wi-Fi

In Vie Via we offer you super fast free internet via Wi-Fi. No hotel television where you can zap the old-fashioned way, but just watch what you want from your phone, i-pad or laptop. That's how we do it!